Frequently Asked Questions - Mulberry Asset Finance

What type of finance is best for my business?
We can only advise on the business funding options that are available to your business following a detailed consultation and review of audited accounts and evidence.
How long does it take to arrange finance?
We can usually obtain commercial finance within 2 – 7 working days. Complex arrangements may require longer.
I need finance for personal reasons, can you help?
We can only assist people who require financial solutions for business/commercial purposes. If you are looking for personal finance we recommend consulting your financial advisor or accountant.
What rates are available?
We will always endeavour to get you the best possible rate for your business. The rates are set by finance companies and are subject to regular change.

The rate that you are able to obtain will depend on your business, the selected finance provider, credit score, and any risk that may be involved.

What assets can be financed?
We are able to source funding for most equipment. For example, we have arranged finance for renewable energy equipment through to furnishings and fixtures. We also support finance applications for used equipment- anywhere up to 15 years old. For further details, take a look at examples of the equipment finance we provide.

What stage of business do you work with?
We have helped start-ups through to consolidation access commercial finance.

What industries can access finance?
Good news! We support all types of industries in their quest for finance! Take a look at our divisions!
Can I finance imported equipment?
Yes, are able to arrange finance for imported equipment.
Do you only support equipment finance applications?
No, there are many solutions available to businesses via our exclusive panel of UK and EU finance companies. There are lots of ways to raise finance for your business! Check out what we do and business financing options for further details!

What if I can’t get finance due to poor credit history?
If your business has experienced financial difficulties, don’t worry, it isn’t necessarily a barrier to accessing alternative finance. We have assisted businesses that have experienced difficulties in the past. We hold thorough consultations with all of our customers to understand your business in totality. Following our assessments, we will be able to advise if accessing finance is in your best interests.

Will my credit score be affected?
Your credit score will not be affected by having a consultation with us. We would not conduct a credit check without your consent & any consequences will be explained at that point.

Can I finance other currency?
Yes. We are able to finance all currencies. Your selected finance company will purchase the item at an agreed rate of exchange.

Can I approach funders myself?
The finance companies that Mulberry Asset Finance are affiliated with only accept applications via approved, recognised brokers. It would be very difficult to access the finance companies that we appoint directly. There are other finance companies that you can approach directly- if this is something you would like to do, we recommend consulting your financial advisor.

Why use a commercial finance broker?
Mulberry Asset Finance is your gateway to accessing the best financial solution for your business. With so many finance companies out there, the comparative rates, the various T&C’s, it quickly becomes a minefield of information to wade through.

By using Mulberry Asset Finance, we make the process quick & simple- freeing your time to concentrate on your business.

I have never used finance before…
In most cases, your business will have used some form of finance with facilities such as bank overdrafts or loans. In our experience, growth & expansion requires considered & appropriate finance.

I have only used my bank for finance, why should I use Mulberry Asset Finance?
‘Alternative’ finance provides a lifeline to UK businesses! We fill the gap where banks have failed UK SME’s by providing the essential funding in order to function and grow. When expanding or requiring a cash injection, it is wise to consider funding which is external to your bank. By spreading your borrowing portfolio your business avoids an ‘eggs in one basket’ scenario. 

Does you take introductions?
We welcome introductions- please see here for more information.